• State Representative’s DUI Case Sent To Grand Jury

The DUI and weapon charges against State Representative Curry Todd (R-Collierville) was sent to a grand jury after Todd waived his preliminary hearing.

Todd was stopped by police on October 11 of last year, in a neighborhood in the vicinity of Vanderbilt and Belmont universities. He was charged with DUI and carrying a loaded gun while intoxicated. Todd refused to take a blood-alcohol test, and was therefore charged with the state’s implied consent law.

After the arrest, Todd resigned as chairman of the House State and Local Government Committee. Todd had been a driving force behind a state law permitting citizens with the appropriate permits to carry guns in bars and restaurants serving alcohol.

Todd’s attorney, Worrick Robinson, said that the legal battle is “weighing heavily” on Todd, who is a retired Memphis police officer. “You can’t always evaluate the case totally early on,” Robinson said. “This would give us some additional time to look at everything, to make sure we’ve covered all the bases and decide whether or not there’s an opportunity to work out or resolve the case with the DA’s office.”