• Registered Sex Offender faces New Charges in Bartlett

The Commercial Appeal reports that a 33 year-old Crossville man who is already registered as a sex offender, has been arrested for aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor, a 9 year-old girl.  The case is awaiting grand jury action.   The defendant previously served three years in prison on a felony sexual offense.

The young victim described the suspect by name.  Her testimony that she was shown pictures of other little girls on the defendant’s cellphone has caused authorities to suspect that there may have been other victims.

One interesting detail:  upon arrest, police investigators found his cellphone in his car, missing the SIM card, on which photographs and other vital information is stored.  They then proceeded to dismantle the car, eventually finding the missing SIM card lodged behind the airbag in the steering column.  Do not underestimate the tenacity and resourcefulness of the police in pursuit of criminal charges!  A search warrant is required before the SIM card can be read and used in the investigation.

Every person charged with a crime deserves an energetic and vigorous defense.  Your attorney will question if law enforcement officials made any mistakes during your arrest.  The list of ways that police can violate your rights is endless.

Memphis police, prosecutors, and even judges may try to intimidate you. Tennessee law enforcement will be aggressive. You deserve an aggressive defense attorney on your side.