• Project N.O.W. Brings Memphis Child Support Reform

A new initiative was set in place earlier this year by Shelby County Child Support Services in an effort to assist parents in completing payments on overdue child support, removing possible jail time in the process.

The PROJECT N.O.W. (Negotiating Outstanding Warrants) initiative is tailored toward non-custodial parental units currently dealing with warrants for their arrest for not paying child support in a timely fashion. The initiative may also be able to help those facing legal consequences restore their driving license in certain cases.

The motion comes at the heels of public outcry for reform regarding current Memphis child support laws. For many parents facing economic difficulties, having a flexible system in place to compensate for their circumstances is a serious need. The measure ultimately helps parents get back on their feet without the added stress of legal consequence or raising the necessity of dodging payments altogether.

If successful, PROJECT N.O.W. could potentially influence other areas of the country into reforming similar child support laws. Understanding laws already set in place within Memphis regarding the conditions of child support can prove overwhelming, enlisting a trusted attorney with knowledge of the situation can certainly stand to benefit individuals in need.

The timing for child support reform is appropriate. Southern areas of the US such as Memphis have been particularly hit hard by the national recession. Increased flexibility in child support laws within Memphis has the potential to reduce the economic strain on afflicted parents, especially important during trying times where economic uncertainty is so prevalent.