• Governor signs new Public Safety Laws

According to a press release from governor Bill Haslam’s office, TBI  analysis shows that domestic violence victims make up more than half of all reported crimes against Tennesseans.  In per capita terms, our state is fourth in the country for domestic violence.  Under a new law signed into effect by the governor, repeat offenders in domestic violence now face increased mandatory jail time.

Over 6,000 weapons violations are reported per year, in  our state.  The new law increases sentencing for certain convicted felons in possession of firearms.

The new bill also includes new gang violence provisions, which increase penalties for three or more individuals acting in concert, in committing an aggravated assault, robbery and aggravated burglary.

These new laws are part of the Governor’s sweeping, multi-agency action plan aimed at violent crime, repeat offenders, and drug trafficking in the state.

Last month, the governor signed a new prescription drug abuse law which requires prescribing doctors and pharmacies to register with the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database. Any patient’s controlled substance history must be checked before prescribing an opioid or benzodiazepine.

As reported in the Daily News