• Former Shelby County Accounting Technician Sentenced

On Friday, a former accounting technician in the office of the Shelby County Chancery Court Clerk was sentenced to four years in prison for conspiracy, theft and money laundering. Brandon Gunn had pled guilty to those charges in 2011.

In addition to jail time, Gunn must pay restitution in excess of $1 million.

Gunn was accused of channeling proceeds from the sales of delinquent tax properties into fake companies he created to launder the money.

Gunn’s opportunity arose from a policy on delinquent taxes. In cases where delinquent tax properties are sold, the property’s former owner is given any funds left over after the delinquent taxes have been paid. Gunn’s scheme was discovered when a property owner failed to receive that money and hired an attorney to recover it for him.

When Gunn’s scheme was discovered, the clerk at the time resigned.

In a written statement, U. S. Attorney Ed Stanton said that Gunn’s actions represent “a flagrant abuse of the public trust. Time and time again, he used his position with the Shelby County Chancery Court to steal taxpayers’ dollars. Public corruption at any level of government is intolerable and Brandon Gunn is properly being held accountable for his crimes.”