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Disputes involving child custody can be particularly challenging during a divorce or parental break-up. At Davis & Greene, P.C., we have helped smooth the roughest disagreements between parents. Some of the most challenging conflicts involve paternity, orders of protection, and infidelity. Even in these most emotionally charged circumstances, the experienced Memphis child custody lawyers at Davis & Greene have helped parents work out their problems for the interests of their children.

Whether your case is loaded with conflict or not, we will help you establish a clear parenting plan and offer representation through child support, parental relocation, and divorce modifications.  Our goal will be to minimize conflict and assure your children’s needs are met.

Who Will Raise the Children After We Separate in our Divorce?

Whether you are married or not, issues of child custody must be decided. How can you assure that your children are cared for in the best way possible? Contact an attorney. Our experienced Millington family law attorneys are eager to help.

We have helped many clients with similar struggles. Though each case is unique, our experience allows us to be sure of this: Clear communication between parents is essential. Children often suffer the most when parents do not clearly discuss parenting plans.  Avoid this with clear communication. If talking with your ex is impossible, we can communicate for you.

Even If You Get Along Well With Your Ex, You May Need an Attorney

Tennessee custody laws are complex:

  • In divorce cases parents must file a parenting plan: Even if parents are friendly with each other, they often don’t consider all future scenarios as their children mature. Davis & Greene will help you consider the long-term consequences and possibilities before you sign a custody agreement.
  • Legal custody versus physical custody: “Residency” and “decision making authority” are separate things. This example is only one that shows the complexity of custody laws in Tennessee that our Memphis lawyers can explain fully.
  • If parents are unmarried, their case will be handled in juvenile court: Davis & Greene have extensive experience in this court and with these cases.

If you have issues related to child custody in Tennessee, you require an experienced family law attorney. Contact Davis & Greene, P.C.

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Jeremy Davis has successfully represented my interests on multiple occasions. In my dealings with Jeremy I have found him to be highly competent, respectable, attentive, and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with and would highly recommend Jeremy for any family law or bankruptcy case. - Charles, Bartlett, TN
I recommend, Jeremy Davis, Davis and Greene Law firm, to all potential clients.  It will be the best decision of your life. - Darlene, Memphis, TN