• Divorce Rate Over 50 Keeps Growing

As the Baby Boomer population ages, one might think that the divorce rate would go down as couples grow older, but the statistics tell a different story. When this generation was younger, there was an explosion of divorce happening, and it seems like those couples 50 and older are continuing that trend into 2012.

Over the past twenty years, the rate of divorce for seniors has been climbing up higher than ever before, according to the Census Bureau. In fact, the rates have doubled, even though the population has increased throughout the years.

A study of the divorce rate of Boomers claims that African American couples were the most likely to end up in divorce, with a rate twice as high as Caucasians and Hispanics. Other factors like education and employment signified how likely a couple would stay together.

If you are thinking about divorce, even later in life, contact a knowledgeable and understanding attorney who can help you through the process. Divorce can be a complicated situation, it is best to partner with someone who can help you get back on your feet.