• Dividing of the Assets

A divorce can be a very unique thing. On one hand, it is the ending of what was once “till death do you part,” but on the other hand it is the beginning of the rest of your life. The process, while often painful itself, can mark the end of years or even decades of unhappiness and pain.

The entire process can be so bittersweet, that being involved in it can easily confuse the most level-headed among us.

One of the parts of the divorce process that so often leads to fights is dividing of the assets. It is understandable and perfectly human to want to hold on to possessions that have been acquired over years’ time, and naturally, the longer a couple has been together, the more things they will have together, and the more difficult they will be to split.

When it comes to dividing the assets, physical possessions aren’t the only things in question. There are also retirement accounts, real estate, stocks, and pensions, as well as bank accounts.

Some couples will prefer to divide things more or less down the middle, deciding item by item who gets what, while other couples will prefer to work out a deal where one spouse takes the lion’s share in exchange for support payments. Alimony is a four-letter word these days, but sometimes divorces work out a lot better with one person receiving essentially a lump sum, and the other receiving long-term payments.

Make sure that in any case, you go over your needs with your divorce attorney. Your future is at stake, so make sure that you choose the right option.