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TN Diversion Revocation Lawyers: Helping Challenge Charges, Reduce Penalties

After you have been arrested and convicted for a crime, you may have been given probation before you have served your entire jail or prison sentence. But now you are accused of having violated the conditions of that probation. This can mean that you will have to return to jail or prison. It may also mean that your probation may begin anew. You may also be charged with a new crime in addition to the probation violation. This can lead to a long period of time in which you will have restrictions placed on your liberty even if you are not in jail.

Returning to incarceration, beginning your probation again, and adding years to your probation: none of these options are attractive. They may be avoidable. We can minimize your risks and help protect your freedom. To challenge the charges against you, or, possibly, get your penalty reduced, call the probation violation attorneys at Davis & Greene at. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to:

  • Argue that your probation violation does not warrant incarceration
  • Get a more fitting sentence like substance abuse counseling or anger management classes
  • Show that the probation violation was not your fault due to illness or injury, for instance
  • Argue that someone has accused you of a violation for their own personal gain, common in divorce litigation, child custody negotiations, and cases where domestic violence is alleged
  • Prove that a work schedule, a family responsibility, or another obligation made probation conditions impossible to complete

The circumstances of your particular case will strongly influence our strategy for challenging your charges. We founded our law firm to protect the rights of people just like you. We pledge to do what is in your best interest no matter how high the stakes and how complex your case may be

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Diversion Revocation in Tennessee can have Catastrophic Consequences

You may have been arrested on a drug charge and had your sentence suspended. You may have been ordered to adhere to certain conditions so that the sentence would never be imposed. But you have been arrested again. The earlier criminal charge is now coming back to haunt you. The diversion of the sentence has been revoked. You face serious prison time and other major penalties. Fight back with the help of an experienced diversion revocation lawyer.

Davis & Greene can help you with any criminal defense case including one in which your diversion has been revoked, you are alleged to have violated your probation, you are arrested for violating an order of protection related to a domestic violence case, or you failed to register for the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry.

Call experienced Memphis probation violation attorneys & diversion revocation lawyers atfor help through your most challenging legal struggles.