• Child Support Payments Facing Major Delays

It may not come as much of a surprise that Tennessee has large cases of delays on the eventual distribution of child support payments. It may however come as a major surprise when you consider just how widespread such delays are occurring and growing worse as time goes on.

The staggering rate of payment is no doubt partially attributed to late payments. Some places in the country are right around 50% overdue in their respective payments, raising valid concerns among parents who are looking for a means to an end in order to steadily provide for their children. Despite having increased enforcement on overdue payments in recent years, Tennessee is still contending with widespread grievances.

So who’s to blame? In truth, the statistics don’t simply reflect parents who are dodging payments. Experts in the field attribute some of the delays to an unstable economy, jobs still presently hard to account for and maintain giving current conditions. Many more parents are struggling to make payments on child support than ever before as the still feeble US economy struggles to work through the worst recession in decades.

In the midst of these alarming statistics, it’s clear many parents who rely upon a steady source of income are bearing the weight squarely upon their shoulders. With trends continuing the way they are, some are concerned there’s a shortage of relief on the horizon for receiving child support in a timely fashion.