• Biological Father Seeks Custody of Surviving Daughter

After going through a traumatic kidnapping, having her mother and sister murdered, a 12-year-old Tennessee girl has more drama unfolding in her life.

On April 27, Adam Mayes kidnapped sisters Kyliyah, 8, and Alexandria, 12.  In the process, he murdered 14-year-old Adrienne Bain and her mother Jo Ann.  On May 10, Mayes killed himself and the two girls were rescued.

Now the Tennessee girls, once at the center of a nation wide manhunt, could be caught in a child custody fight.

Last year, Mark Johnson signed over his fatherly rights to his daughters, Adrienne and Alexandria, to Jo Ann Bain’s current husband Gary Bain. Now that Jo Ann is deceased, he wants Alexandria back.

Mike Johnson, Mark’s uncle, believes a custody battle could be tough.  He stated that his nephew signed over his rights  and I think once you do that, if you go through the court, then it’s going to be a tough deal to get it back unless Gary is providing and willing.

But the Johnson family believes Gary is not willing.

Mark said Gary Bain is trying to take the girls to California  to spread Jo Ann’s and Adrienne’s ashes in the ocean and he is afraid the girls will never come back to Tennessee.

Gary Bain is legally Alexandria’s father.  He was willing to adopt the child when her own father voluntarily gave up his rights.  And, although he has no blood tie to Alexandria, he is the father of Kyliyah, her half-sister who went through the whole horrifying trauma with Alexandria.  These girls have been raised together since Kyliyah was born.  Separating these girls might be legal, but would it be in their best interests?

If you have a child custody dispute that cannot be resolved, it is in your best interest to be represented by an experienced child custody attorney.